ITARC 2017

Keynote –

Architects as Business and Government Leaders





The transformation of business and society from traditional models to digital models and a technology-led life has both businesses and governments scrambling to understand how a fully digital world will function.


We are on a journey where technology and business are completely unified, and where societal safety and success are dependent on fully capable digital strategy and execution.


Billions of dollars are being spent to prepare for the major changes coming, from retraining the possible 45% of people without jobs, to understanding security, identity and money.


These issues have been coming for a long time, and architects are uniquely positioned to play a pivotal role again in the transformation, as we did after the dot-com bust and in previous large scale changes.


EA and architecture as purely consulting is dead or dying, allowing real architects, those with a rigorously defined skill set, a clear set of decision rights and a mandate to own and drive change.


We are going to explore the architects place in this digital world. We are going to look at what your team, whether it is one or many, should be doing today to prepare for this journey and to help lead it out of IT and into transformation.


We will look at the work you should be doing and how you transform from influencer to owner in the digital world.


Paul Preiss is the CEO and founder of the Iasa, one of the largest Enterprise and IT architect associations in the world. Through his time at Iasa, Paul has taken the association from a single user group in Austin, Tx to an international organization with chapters in over 25 countries.


Paul’s vision is a unified architecture profession with effective education, credentials and ethics that fully supports corporate strategy and delivery.