ITARC 2017

Making Culture and Context
Work for You




Enterprise architects identify millions of dollars of inefficiency but no one takes action. Business architects create powerful business insights but no one listens. Why? Every change initiative is affected by the larger structural and cultural context in which it takes place. In fact, context often has more influence over an initiative’s success than the actual design and implementation work itself.


Business and IT architects continue to be frustrated with their organization’s resistance to change, collaboration, and strategic thinking but have had few tools and techniques to understand how to overcome these barriers.


This workshop will introduce a new approach to identifying influencing contextual factors and assessing their impact on a given initiative.


The model will help architects understand which contextual elements to leverage, which to ignore, and which must be actively worked to mitigate their negative effects.


  • What everyone knows but ignores about culture
  • Why culture change is not the answer
  • How to assess culture and organizational context advantages and disadvantages
  • How to overcome cultural and context barriers


Jeff Scott is an internationally recognized thought leader in business architecture, strategy execution, and organizational transformation. He is a former Forrester Research analyst for business architecture and currently writes the blog, The Business Architect, and chairs The Business Architect’s Roundtable.


Jeff also  consults with Fortune 1000 companies on business architecture practice design and management, organizational change, and strategy development.